/kwikˈsädik-uh/ :


  1. a compilation of artistic expressions of perspective that can often be exceedingly idealistic and/or impractical in a modern, neurotypical world.
  2. a made-up word by yours truly (in noun version)

Welcome to my experience.

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You’ve stumbled down the rabbit hole–you’re in my world, now. This is the world of someone who’s never felt human and didn’t find out until her 30’s that her “alien-ness” was due to being on the autism spectrum. Understanding the world is difficult; understanding myself has been even harder–that is, until I learned about my ASD. This is a place for me to explore my universe–both internal and external–artistically and share it with you to encourage understanding and acceptance of autism and hopefully inspire other women, often misdiagnosed with a plethora of mental illnesses, to seek evaluation if they suspect they may be on the spectrum.

This blog explores many things beyond my autistic experience. Although new and thus limited in topics so far, my life has many strange and very human experiences to share and explore that may be relatable to some:

Growing up in/surviving a cultPost-traumatic Stress Disorder
Overcoming Shame: Sex PositivityOvercoming Shame: Body Positivity
Lifestyle/PolyamoryMental Illness
FitnessChronic Pain