Curious about how I shape and tone my body? I’ve created this page to share with you the workout gurus that I go to the most, as well as the videos I’ve used to help gain and maintain my tone. The videos are separated by target zone for easy searching. Be sure to check out the YouTube pages for way more exercise videos from which you can craft your own routine!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, movement specialist, or fitness expert. I have over 6 years of experience teaching fitness programs such as kick-boxing, martial arts, and gymnastics, and over two decades of fitness training through martial arts, yoga, dance, and personal training, but I am not a certified personal trainer and cannot consult you on fitness. The videos posted are for your own enjoyment and you are encouraged to use your own discretion and consult with a physician before performing any physical exercises. While exercise can be healthy, it can also lead to injury and/or death.

Abs| Butt | Hips | Inner Thighs

Need a workout buddy? It can be tough to get motivated to work out, I know, so I’m here to be your personal motivator. Follow me on Instagram and activate post notifications (@dude.its.eva) so you can be sure to catch all of the details on when the next Lit & Fit event is. On November 10th I had my own workout buddy join in and we had 60 viewers to the 1st ever IG Live Lit & Fit session so I promise you, friends, you’re not alone! Get motivated and fit with me as I follow along to the videos posted on this page (with more coming soon!).

Ab Days

Mix and match these videos for alternating weeks of ab circuits:


This 20-minute video is from fitness husband-and-wife team HASFit and has the option of adding weights to blast your abs even more.


Another 20-minute ab-blaster by HASFit, no equipment needed.

Chloe Ting

11-line abs are hard to achieve, but Chloe Ting’s got just the thing!

Chloe Ting

Another aMAZing ab-shredding workout by Chloe Ting, this one focusing on whittling that hourglass figure.

Shelley Darlington

This short 10-minute ab-blaster is no joke. Fitness expert Shelley Darlington knows all the tough moves to tighten and tone the belly from top to bottom. Plus she’s Australian and who wouldn’t want an Aussie personal trainer?

Shelley Darlington

Target the lower belly with these killer moves.

Critical Bench

Honestly this is one of my favorite ab routines right now and I try to pepper at least 4-5 of these exercises into the above routines weekly, or do the entire routine as a stand-alone on days I’m not feeling like doing any sort of crunch. These static holds will chisel your abs!

Onward to: Butt Stuff!

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