Bums part 2: Hip Dips

People are hating on hip-dips these days, aka “violin hips”. It doesn’t matter what your shape is, but if your goal is to round out your hips (and therefore outer glutes) to minimize some dips around the belt line then spice up your leg/bum day routine with the following videos: [full disclosure–obvi this is my goal and I try to incorporate at least one of these videos a week]

Abby Pollock

Before beginning any hip dip-eliminating endeavor, tune into Abby’s video to get a brief and illuminating explanation as to why/how some of us have the dips and some don’t, and then learn some great exercises for working with your anatomy to get the results you desire.

Chloe Ting

Always packing the greatest moves, Chloe offers some fantastic outer hip exercises that will burn your glutes and hip abductors, helping to build that muscle for a more rounded hip-thigh curve. (Psst, much love to Chloe but don’t let this image fool you–the posture between the image on the left and right is different, with the posture on the right creating a more rounded hip look simply by squeezing the knees inward and together, so remember that what you see in photos is not always reality!)

Up Next: Inner Thighs

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